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Scott Stevens

Instructional Assistant

I have been an active member of the woodworking community since a young age, having grown up amongst a family of cabinet makers. Apart from a brief 4 years receiving a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta, I have continued to practice the craft of fine woodworking, and have further obtained the Red Seal Journeyperson designation in Joinery. In that time I have worked in a variety of roles; as a cabinet maker in commercial, architectural shops; leading crews of millwork installers on large, institutional projects; building custom millwork and furniture pieces in small mountain towns; creatively contributing to the arts and festival communities. My path has led me to the role of Instructional Assistant in the Fine Woodworking program at the Selkirk College in beautiful Nelson B.C. where I continue to explore my relationship with design while inspiring others to find their own passion in the craft.


Human beings have long been drawn to the beauty and drama of the natural world around us. Towering peaks, waterfalls, sunsets over valley lakes; these have all inspired countless works of art and design. My philosophy towards design is influenced heavily by the natural element, or rather, by the desire to bridge the gap between our manufactured world and our natural one. Many streams of design philosophy have their own unique style which contrasts sharply with the world around them. While they exist for and serve particular purposes, I find I am most drawn to and inspired by designs which complement and celebrate the source of life around us.