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Rianna Walser

Chilliwack, BC.



Rianna's cabinet and table, shown below, are for sale. Please contact Rianna for pricing and additional information.

I grew up on a dairy farm in Chilliwack and have always enjoyed spending time in the out-of-doors and among old agricultural buildings. I enjoy old pieces of furniture and am curious about their history and story. Inspired by this, I aim to create pieces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and slightly quirky. When I’m not in the shop, you can usually find me reading a book, laughing with friends or chatting with my plants in the garden. Next up for me is a move to Creston with my Nic where I will continue to create and develop my personal craft.


I am absolutely astounded everytime I create a piece and as I put the finishing touches on it, I realize the remarkable similarity it has to my initial plan. Woodworking is a new skill and medium in my creative toolkit. I love the many small processes that lead to interlocking shapes and culminate in a finished piece. I am inspired by makers of the past. Their ingenuity and ability to create beautiful functional furniture that makes a house a home. I aim to create work that builds on their foundation and that also inspires people to look around and marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds us. 

One of my favourite parts of the woodworking process is jointing and planing material. It’s a process that uncovers the present that lives inside of the wood: the grain, the knots and all the unique features of each tree. It’s amazing to see the results of such subtle differences coming together to create a distinct piece of furniture. 

I am excited to continue my woodworking journey by exploring both traditional and innovative tools and techniques. It is my hope that a bit of my personality is reflected in each of the pieces that I create.