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Rachel Sloan

I grew up in the Okanagan valley and Revelstoke, BC. I’ve always had hands-on jobs and spent the last decade working in the outdoor industry at backcountry lodges, ski patrolling and guiding. I’ve always had an appreciation for woodworking, but never had the opportunity to explore it. I wanted to join Selkirk’s Fine Woodworking program three years ago, but I was so involved in the outdoor work that I could never take winter off. When the pandemic hit, outdoor work slowed down and my opportunity finally arrived. I was nervous at first to do something new, but that apprehension melted away as the program went on. I’ve found so much joy in the tactile nature of woodworking… it is something real, something tangible, which is what had led me to working outdoors in the first place. They say time flies when you’re having fun; I can’t believe how fast and full these past 9 months have been. Although it’s sad to be leaving Selkirk, I’m looking forward to what’s next.


I have always been drawn to activities and professions that are tactile in nature. The balance between function, texture, and creativity that woodworking plays with has drawn me in. I have a deep love for the outdoors and am constantly inspired by nature. My exploration into the world of woodworking is in its infancy, and I’m hesitant to say I have developed a particular style yet. What I can say, is that I’ve made pieces with broad surfaces that highlight an appreciation for wood’s natural beauty. I am excited to see how my style does evolve with new experiences, projects, and inspiration from my surroundings.