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Class of 2022

This has been an exceptional year in the Fine Woodworking workshop. Needless to say, the Covid-19 pandemic has presented no shortage of challenges to consider and overcome. Fortunately for us, we’ve felt the support from an exceptional college community which has risen to the task to create a safe and productive campus, allowing us to continue to practice our craft in the presence of others. It is with great gratitude that we reflect on the ability we enjoyed to come together as a group to design, collaborate, and build, leaning into each other throughout the challenges of the long, dark, pandemic infused winter.

The cohort of students we welcomed into our shop are nothing short of exceptional themselves. They all took a big risk in moving to a tiny little mountain town in the height of the pandemic, coming from all corners of the country, all with the uncertainty of what college life would look like in these strange times.

We like to think that all this uncertainty, risk, and dedication to the joys of woodworking has paid off. The past 9 months has allowed us the opportunity to watch these green beans grow into a remarkably creative and talented bunch of woodworkers, overcoming the challenging odds by building a community amongst themselves and diving head first into the nuances of fine woodworking. While we’re so very sad to see them off, we hope the time spent together has left them with the skills and attitudes needed to ensure a life full of creation and joys in woodworking.

-Dave & Scott


Class of 2022 Makers

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