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Mathew Becotte

Thunder Bay, ON.


Starting at a very young age I've pursued many different careers, adventures, and dreams.  I've loved fishing before I can remember, which eventually led me to be a professional fly-fishing guide. I have also been operating cranes for my father as soon as he saw fit. I enjoyed my latest career as a fully licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and now soon I’ll be a fine woodworker. When I'm not working, I enjoy various activities including snowboarding, dirt biking, golfing, hunting, and finding new spots to go swimming. Coming from Northwest Ontario, BC has been an incredible experience. From the mountains to the icy rivers, I can definitely see myself spending a good portion of my life here.


Woodworking has always been part of my life in one way or another. Growing up in a family of woodworkers strongly prompted me to follow in their footsteps. Before this program, I was an aircraft maintenance engineer. Back then, I had been more of a rough carpenter. I would often catch myself saying, “It’s good enough,” like a rough carpenter might. Selkirk’s fine woodworking program taught me just how fine woodworking can get. The furniture and other objects I have produced out of this program have been by far the best I have ever created. On my off time I love fishing and was delighted to discover that making furniture can be something that reflects that. I sculpted a fishhook pull for my table, and made a sweet cabinet for my fishing rods. I look forward to seeing how else my interests reflect on the pieces I make.