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Life In the Shop


Nestled amongst mountain peaks and cedar forests, the Selkirk College Fine Woodworking workshop has hosted curious makers for over 4 decades. While the nature of the program and the layout of the shop has changed through those years, one constant remains: the desire to inspire generations of woodworkers to pursue the finest version of their craft.

This 9-month intensive program sets students up for success in many aspects of the trade. Graduates can be found in a variety of environemnts, from 1-person studios to large production cabinet shops. Students leave the one-year program with two years of credit towards their Joinery apprenticeship and a certificate in Fine Woodworking. The year is structured in such a way that any level of experience can flourish and that each student is able to set their own challenges. For example, each student will build a table, but each table is designed and tailored to their own respective skills and design bend.

As we approach the end of another fantastic year, we find ourselves reflecting on the lessons we've learned, the woopsie doopsies we have made, and the community we have created. Join us in celebrating the group of marvelous makers we have become.