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Kirsten Stevenson

Trail, B.C.


I was born and raised in Vancouver. These days, I live in Trail with my spouse Damon and two kids Daxton and Kensington. Before falling into woodworking, I’d gotten my ticket in steamfitting and pipefitting. That was set aside once the kids came along, but I always kept up with crafting. I got the ball rolling with epoxy resin pouring and have a drink tumbler making workshop at home… there’s more glitter there than any one person could ever need (boiling mad red, peacock feather teal, and tinsel bling just to name a few). Once I moved onto pouring for charcuterie boards and introduced wood, I realized I didn’t know what I was doing! That combined with needing a job, I decided to enroll into Selkirk’s program to get a handle on the wood craft.


As far as style goes, I found that I often fell into using material that wasn’t readily available at the shop. Before classes even started, I bought myself some spalted maple. Talk about tear-out galore, it was frustrating wood to use with hand tools, but in the end it set my box project apart from the others. My table was made up with white oak, which I did get from the shop, but I accented it with homemade steel knobs that Damon had made for me at home. The cabinet project (still in the works) let me put my epoxy resin pouring skills to the test. I poured a dyed river through the carcass made of pin oak. Luckily, I’ve got a shop at home where I can finish it up. I’m looking forward to getting a job in woodworking and seeing where this road takes me.