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Katherine Donovan

Ottawa, ON.



Born in Ottawa, Ontario, a crayon in my hand. I went to university for art, where I practiced my doodles. Along the way I worked as a picture framer, a sitter of fifty dogs, a club bartender, a house painter, yacht repair woman, a kindergarten teacher, and so on. Like many young people, I found myself in Asia for a year. Leaving left me excellent clarity of my goals back in Canada. Moving forward, I am motivated by the following: an education in woodworking, an artist studio, being close to friends and family, and an opportunity to build myself a cabin or two.


I recognized my style in retrospect, a few years after art school. I can confidently say I am drawn to girly cartoons of hearts (and swirly vortexes), and weird, bubbly, semi-made-up animals. In my years long experience designing and creating fine furniture, I've seen in myself similar attraction. I create small pieces that (hopefully) have a lot going on visually. Think of a house mouse with an obnoxious feather boa and kick-ass nun-chucks. But in furniture form. That's what I hope to create.