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Jasper Belliveau-Thompson

I was Born in Toronto, and shortly after my family moved to a small town called Sydenham, north of Kingston ON. I grew up camping, canoeing, riding my sweet bike and chewing bubble gum. As I got a bit older I started skateboarding, snowboarding, wearing my hat backwards and the usual adolescent hooliganism that makes your elders shake their heads. There’s no need to argue, parents just don’t understand. After high school, I, like so many before me, I grabbed my best sneakers and an alarm clock to journey west in search of gold in them hills. That elusive, beautiful, life changing matter I had only read about in magazines and seen in movies. Sorry, did I say gold? I meant pow, definitely pow. So there I was, 18, snowboard bum, and ready for success. Naturally, I took a job as “king of the dishes” at a local restaurant and quickly realised washing dishes is terrible;, I wanted to be a chef. I spent the next 10 years working my way up the ranks in various kitchens to sous chef. Creating menus, cooking beautiful food, listening to music way too damn loud, going to battle with absolute heroes by my side every night and loving it. Sidebar - Be nice to your server,; Jeff. They’re people too. A few years ago I decided, I’m probably a grown up. It's time to create a living space that isn’t furnished with an eclectic mix of milk crates, thrift store tables and a single house plant. Naturally, I took the job of, “I can make that in my living room,” and quickly realised building furniture in your living room is terrible. I want to be a furniture maker.


I'm just trying to find the line between form and function, seems like a cool place.