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Ottawa, ON.

Originally from Ottawa ON, I travelled across the country to study fine woodworking at Selkirk College. Having graduated from high school in 2019, I took a year to explore. After a summer of portage and canoeing through the wilds of Northern Quebec and Labrador, I spent the fall backpacking through Europe and exploring some of my cultural heritage. Close to home, I began an introductory woodwork course that was cut short by the pandemic – this awakened my desire to learn more. A spring of hard work tree-planting explosed me to a diversity of wood species.

Throughout high school, I competed nationally and coached trampoline gymnastics, a sport that helped develop my perseverance. I had reached the point where I wanted to devote myself to something new! Woodworking was that thing: combining my interests in design and learning tactile skills.

In my spare time, I love to climb, go on canoe trips and spend time outside. I hope to continue exploring wood as a medium and further developing my skills through an apprenticeship. I am also interested in pursuing a degree in industrial design or architecture in the future, which will complement my woodworking skills as well.


For me wood has been an amazingly versatile medium to express my ideas and designs. I have always felt there was an artist inside of me and that I had an eye for design and attention to detail. As a youngster, I explored this interest with Lego bricks, and made my own unique creations. But obviously this medium presented its limitations. This year at Selkirk College's Fine Woodworking program, exploring the medium of wood has opened up a world of possibilities for me… from drawing an idea on paper to making it a reality. It’s been a very rewarding experience. My goal for my work is to create beautiful and functional pieces, while exploring intricate details which don’t distract from the overall form.