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David Ringheim


I have been a woodworker for most of my life, with only a short detour into higher education before fully committing to the craft of woodworking. I spent the first part of my post secondary career gaining an undergraduate in International Studies, followed by time in East Africa working in linguistics and translation. Upon returning to Canada I chose to follow a dream of taking the Fine Woodworking program at Selkirk College. After two years of study I entered into the industry, working as a cabinet maker and furniture builder at Stryck Design Studio and soon obtained his Red Seal Journeyperson certification in Joinery.

With a desire to start my own business, I soon started Ringheim Custom Woodworks, serving clients in Nelson, BC and across Western Canada with projects ranging from bespoke furniture, custom kitchens, built-ins, doors, and commercial and civil architectural millwork. In 2015, I assumed the role of Instructor of the Fine Woodworking Program at Selkirk College. It was a goal of mine to return to the college and give back to the next generation of woodworkers. This has proven to be an enriching experience, adding new life to my passion for woodworking.  


Who I am as a designer is fluid; as my career progresses, I find that my desire for paired down and simplified forms takes over from my youthful desire to throw as much into a piece of work as possible. I still love the unique, and constantly varied characteristics of wood and try to work with it, rather than against it. Hard rectilinear objects function well in our hard and rectilinear houses, but my desire is to add life to a space without overpowering one’s senses. Curves, complementing wood species, veneer highlights, fine details and focus paid to negative vs positive design elements is what I obsess over the most. My hope is that when someone sees one of my pieces in a home it will stand out as unique and custom, but not speak so loudly that it takes away from the space in which it stands.