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Colin Ferguson

Yarrow, BC.




Colin's table, shown below, is for sale. Please contact Colin for pricing and additional information.

Hi my name is Colin Ferguson, I’m a furniture maker. I’m married to my beautiful wife Candace and have a little (for now) shop dog named Oso. I was born and raised in southwestern Ontario and moved to BC for love. I was three years into working for a construction company building condos when I broke my back on the job. Through my season of rehabilitation, I spent some time dreaming of what life could look like outside of construction. I had taken an interest in woodworking years earlier as I had built much of the furniture in my wife’s and my little apartment and became fascinated with the beauty and simplicity of Japanese joinery. I started looking for schools where I could learn and develop more skills, which has led me to attending Selkirk College’s Fine Woodworking program. I’ve spent my time here developing skills to make a variety of functional furniture, ranging from a keepsake box to a table, desk, and cabinet. Upon graduation, I will be returning to the Fraser Valley of BC to start my furniture business as Ferguson Woodworking, making custom pieces with aspirations of having my own line of furniture.


I first became interested in woodworking shortly after my wife and I moved into a small apartment with no furnishings. Rather than going out and buying furniture, I thought, “I’ll just build what we need!” It wasn’t anything fancy, just simple pieces that served the desired function: a bedframe, a dining table, a bookcase, floating shelves, etc. After dipping my toes in the vast array of woodworking styles, I found inspiration in the world of Japanese joinery. Simplicity in design. Clean lines. Wood joints. No fluff. The beauty is in the wood itself.

After going through a major health journey of my own, I now place a whole new value on health. As a woodworker, this translates into my work. My furniture contains no toxic materials or chemicals. It’s solid wood construction and, taking from the Japanese, finished with many layers of 100% pure tung oil. I believe that a nice piece of wood doesn’t need to be altered by chemicals or dyes to enhance its beauty. The tree was awe inspiring when it was in the ground for many years enjoying the sun. With a little shaping, joining, sanding, and oiling, it will look just as beautiful serving a brand new purpose as furniture in someone’s home for generations to come.