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Aleasha Carr

Fall River, NS.


I was born and raised as the most recent generation in a long line of Nova Scotians. Feeling lost after finishing a degree in a field I did not wish to work in, I drove west to start what ended up being my first career in silviculture. Nine years in the bush later, I decided it was time for a career change and pursued my long standing dream of going to woodworking school. I look forward to continuing my education by pursuing an apprenticeship and learning more about the wonderful world of wood.


The scale used with each of my studies in design has decreased with every subsequent pursuit, urban planning, architecture, and now fine furniture. With fine furniture I have found the scale I was seeking. I am at home in the small details, I revel in precision. I seek to create a whole that is made more interesting by the sum of its elements. One element informing the next, each one carefully thought out, planned for, and executed.

 I hope my work conveys my love for the small things. I look forward to continuing to find small things to fuss about, and also learning which small things shouldn’t be.